Tuesday June 12, 2018
Math: Finish student teacher worksheet
La/H/G:  Should be done your backboard and shoe diorama
Science: Popsicle stick buildings finished by next week

Monday June 11th, 2018
No School yasss 

Monday,May,28 2018
Math: Research about your topic  d=
La/H/G: Final research for your book due June 4th
French: Get your pink paper signed
Science pages 115 numbers 1,2,3,5,7

Friday May 25th, 2018
LA/H/G: Debates continuing on Monday, Book Fair Assignment
French: Get Adult to sign red page handed out on Thursday
Science: Notebook checklist coming soon

Thursday May 24th, 2018
LA/H/G: Be prepared for your debates
French: Sign red page Ms.Barrington sent you!

Monday May 21st, 2018
Science:No School 
Science:No school 
Music: No School
French:No School
Phys Ed:No school 
La/H/G:No school 
Math: No school

Thursday,May 17th, 2018
La/H/G: Debates tomorrow, do book assignment

Math: FInish page 418 questions 1-5
La/H/G: Your present your debates on Friday
Reminder: bring $12 for trip 

Monday May 14, 2018
Math: experimental prediction worksheet
Science: Trusses should be done 
LA/H/G: Debates are going to be on Friday 

Thursday May 10
-If you did not finish your story sphere, finish it!
-Debates will start next Thursday (May 17)
-Read your book :)
- Questions #1,2,3 pg 413

Wednesday May 9
-Storysphere due Thursday May 10 (tomorrow!!)
-Debates will start next Thursday (May 17)
-Read your book :)

Thursday May 3, 2018
LA/H/G: Discuss debate topic
Science: Finish trusses drawing, so you can build

Monday April 24, 2018
Reminder: Bring $12 
Health: Make sure you handed in your presentation 

Tuesday April 24, 2018
Math: Test on Friday, finish algebra worksheet
French: Bring headphones on 30th
Health: Make sure you you handed in your health
Reminder: Bring $12 for our field trip,bring back orange piece of paper
La/H/G: Be prepared for the presentation tomorrow 

Monday April 23, 2018
Math: Finish algebra worksheet
LA/H/G: be ready to present tomorrow
French: Bring headphones on April 30th
Health: Health assignment due tmorrow
TT: Make sure you bring orange piece of paper
Reminders: don't forget to bring $12 

Wednesday, April 18 2018
Math: Complete worksheet 
Science:Finish drawing for building tomorrow
Pay for trip 12$

Wednesday, April 11 Day 4
Math: Finish Book work
LAHG:Scripts due tomorrow
French: Print Un Jour bizzare
Reminders:Pay for Fort York on Cash online or check or Cash!

Tuesday April 10th, 2018 
Health: sheet due Friday 
French: Who ever didn't print un jour bizarre please do.  
TT: wear pink on thursday 

Monday April 9th, 2018
Science: Finish pages 102 science textbook
Math:Finish pages of MMS
French: print un jour bizarre story
LA\H\G: People who didn't send rants do it

Friday April 6th, 2018
Math: Worksheet with Prices + HST Due Monday

Thursday April 5th, 2018
Math: W/S
LA/H/G: Finish Climate Sheet

Wednesday March 28, 2018
Math: please complete worksheet
Science: We will be starting to build more of our structures tomorrow
LAHG: Please put your rant videos in the Rant :) Folder for Ms Blain to mark

Please bring reusable water for tomorrows big gulp challenge

Tuesday March 27, 2018 
La/H/G: If someone is sending the photo answer the questions.
Math: complete fractions decimal worksheet. 
TT: Bring REUSABLE  water bottle. 
Art: Please bring newspaper by Monday.
Reminder: no school Monday & Friday.

Monday March 26, 2018
LA/H/G: Rants were due yesterday. 
TT: Bring reusable water bottle. 
IT: Thinglink should be done and imbedded. 
Science: Hand in video to Mr.Tokue, and one person in your group should have the video on youtube.

Thursday March 22nd, 2018
Math Subtracting Fractions Worksheet
LA Rants Due on Monday
Finish I.T Thinglink
Bring in fruit magazines for Art tomorrow
Science project due

Math test on Monday and finish mat textbook work page 137 #1-7
LA Rants video due on Monday
Art bring fruit magazine's
Science project tomorrow is last day for the filming  
IT finish thinglink

Tuesday March 20, 2018 
LA/H/G: Finish your rant script 
Math: Finish subtracting fractions worksheet
Science: Should be starting to film 
Gym: Show your parents the health sheet

Monday March 19, 2018
Math: subtracting fractions worksheet
LA/H/G: Pick a topic for your rant
Science: Finish filming and editing 
IT: imbed and link your thinglink by next class

Wednesday,February 14th, 2018
Math: Intigers Test
Science: 9 LABS

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
Math: Math Makes Sense page 335 # 1, 2, 4 and 5
French: Practice "coin coin" with your family
LA/H/G: Comic Strips due on Feb 12th
Science: Science worksheets for the experiments 

Monday, February 5th, 2018
Math: Finish Worksheet, Print out Integers Worksheet 

Wednesday,January 31, 2018
Math Textbook Work
Art WaterColour
LAHG:Finish Story Day three and other for those who weren't at school yesteday
READ FOR 20 MIN:Khalil

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018
Science: Show parents your tests
Drama: Tableau Sheet
LA/H/G:Finish stories if you are not
Physed: Sign up for hockey intramurals if you want

Monday, January 29th, 2018
Math: Complete Dilations worksheet, Quiz tomorrow
LA/H/G: Finish Day 1 story and editing

Wednesday,January 24th,2018

Math:Complete worksheet Rotations
LA:Presentation 10 Pictures with explanations
Science:Questions 1-7
Art:Finish work at lunch for those who didn't finish
French:Dictee 4 Tomorrow

Tuesday January 23rd 2018
Math: Worksheet
French: Dictee 4 on Thursday

Thursday, January 18th
Math: complete worksheets (Rotations/ Reflections)
La/H/G: Finish questions

Wednesday'January 17th
Math:Worksheet due
Science: Study For test in about 2 weeks
LA: Finish Questions
IT:Today Was the last day for storyboard
 Drama:Assignment with partners

Monday, January 15th
Science: Questions 1-5 PG 198 and Mind storm on the back
Math: Test tomorrow, finish sheet

Wednesday, January 10th
Science:Video Sheet
Math: Worksheet
French: Hand in Phonetiques 1 and 2
IT:Finish Storyboard
LA/HG: Finish Mini Story 

Monday, January 8th 
French - Sign ROA, Bring Earbuds on Friday, Check your email

Monday December 18th
LA TV Show due Wednesday

Friday, December 15th
Math:finish the worksheets.
Science:study for your test on Monday.
La:Recording started. bring in props. finish storyboards.

Wednesday, December 13th
La-Finish Letter, Paragraph Etc
Math-Quiz Tomorrow
IT-Finish StoryBoard

Tuesday December 12tH
Math worksheet 
Sketch if you are not finished
French print un jour bizarre and la phonetique

Monday, December 11th
Math - Finish the worksheet
LA - Script due on Wednesday and filming starts tomorrow

Thursday, December 7th, 2017
Language Arts: 
-start bringing props for Reality TV
-Reality TV script due Wed Dec 13th
-Reality TV project due December 20th

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017
Math- Worksheet
Science-Experiment worksheet
French-Print Un Jour Bizzare due on Dec. 11 and Print Phonetiques #1 and #2 due on Dec. 8
LA-Just finished presentations
IT-Coding, Hour of code
Please bring extra tissue boxes
And also bring cans for the food bank to participate

Monday, December 4th
French - Print Un Jour Bizzare due on Dec. 11 and Print Phonetiques #1 and #2 due on Dec. 8
Math - Finish Math sheet
Science - Finish sheet on experiments

December 1st
Science- Test on December 18
TT- Please bring non-perishable food for the food drive 
Math- Page 100 #9,11,12
Please bring extra tissue boxes 

November 30th
Science- Test on December 18
TT- Please bring non-perishable food for the food drive 
Math- Page 99 #1,3,6,8
Please bring extra tissue boxes 

November 27
Math-Finish Area of Trapezoid MMS pg. 229 #3-6 and 8
Science: Finish experiment worksheet  
La- Work on presentations (You present on Wednesday)
  • Bring in Wonder forms with money
  • Bring in non-perishable food for the food drive

November 24
Math-Finish 'Area of Trapezoid ' worksheet.
French- Bring earbuds on Monday
La- Work on presentions
  • Bring in Wonder forms with money

November 21
Math- Finish 'Area of Triangles' worksheet.
Art- Come in tommorow lunch to finish your Mandalas.
French- parent signature on yellow sheet
La- (Optional) Research your topic

Bring in Rock climbing forms and Wonder Forms A.S.A.P
Health- finish and send presentations by Friday

November 14
Math- Finish Area& Perimeter worksheet
IT- Finish surveys and link to class page
LA- Finish Jot- Notes
French- Pratique pour la Dictee #3

Bring Money& form for Rock Climbing and Report Card forms if not done already.

November 13
Art- Talk to Ms.Bajjin about Art project at lunch days 2,3, and 5
French - Dictee #3 Wednesday
L/A - Map due tomorrow

November 10
La- Finish the map, due on Monday
Math- Page 204 # 1-5 .Test on Circle graphs + other graphs.
Science - Page 293 # 1,5,6,7

November 8
LA-Blog/Vlog due Friday (no more class time)- must be in student folder!
Math-Do the misleading graphs (links send through gmail)Due tomorrow 
Other-Ask your parents to book a time for the interview.

November 6
LA-New France vs. Now chart
Math- Page 182#1,2
French- Practice for test 3 and presentation
  • Photo retake tomorrow

October 27 
LA- Practice presentations and paragraphs due Monday
Math-Buy a small mini M&Ms containers and 5-4 M&Me  (milk chocolate)
French- Quiz Monday or Tuesday

October 26th
Science: pages 56 sections 1,2,3,8,9
LA/H/G: Presentations on Monday BE RE
Math: Central tendency and analyzing data worksheet 
October 20th
LA/H/G: All rough copies should be done: relate, retell, and reflect.
French: Ask your to fill out yellow sheet
Science:Finish 1,2,4,6 page 54

October 19th
LA/H/G: Finish your relate and reflect paragraphs (rough copies only!!) We will edit next week :)

October 17th
LA/H/G: Choose a song for your MeTube Assignment!

October 16th
LA/H/G-Finish your retell paragraphs

October 5th
Math-Pages 155 questions 1,2
Science-Textbook questions 42 1-5
TT-No school tomorrow

October 4th
Math-Finish math sheet & textbook questions 
LA/H/G-Finish your quotes paragraphs

Open house today 6:00-7:30pm
Late Assignments:
Retell Paragraph (Chapter 1)
To hand in: Leena, Sebastien, Meera, Sarim, Mughil
Magazine Cover
To hand in:Leena, Meera, Junior

October 2nd

Science test on Wednesday
Finlayson Field trip on Tuesday
Science Notebook check on Wednesday

September 30

LAMagazine covers and paragraph due Monday

Science test on Wednesday
Finlayson Field trip on Tuesday
Science Notebook check on Wednesday

September 28
Science- practice for test 

LA- Magazine due on Monday 

TT- wear red tomorrow and bring back health forms 

Math- math textbook pages 147-148 # 4-7,11 and Multiplying decimals work sheet  

September 25

LA- work on magazine covers (optional, you have Wednesday and Thursday to work on it)   

September 22
Math: Finish pg. 25 questions 1-6
And factoring me organizer 
LA: Finish retell of chapter 1 good copy due Monday 
Math test on MONDAY

September 20
Science: Finish science lab questions on the back of the sheet
BRING BACK ALL MANDATORY FORMS- Health, OSOR, and Trip Form, obviously with necessary money :-)

September 19

Math: Finish page 17 questions 5-6
BRING BACK ALL MANDATORY FORMS- Health, OSOR, and Trip Form, obviously with necessary money :-)

September 18
L/A: graffiti due tomorrow! (Tuesday!)
Math: Remember to finish GCF & LCM Sheet.
BRING BACK ALL MANDATORY FORMS- Health, OSOR, and Trip Form, obviously with necessary money :-)

September 15
Math-Finish textbook page16, questions 1-4 
L/A- work on I am word (optional)
- Bring back any forms and student activity fee($15)

September 14
Math- Math prime sheet due tomorrow 

September 14
Science- Finish back of outdoor lab worksheet

- Bring back OSOR sheet due tomorrow 

September 13
Science-Finish questions 1-6 from the science textbook (Mr.Tokue E-mailed chapter 1) 

September 12
LA -"I AM" poem: rough copy due Thursday. Good copy due Friday! (One period on Thursday to work on good copy.)

Math - Four Fours 1- 20 due tommorow.

- Bring back all mandatory forms signed by Monday
- Hand in OSOR sheet corrected with red pen by September 15th 

September 11
    -Finish Story

- Bring back all mandatory forms signed by Monday
- Hand in OSOR sheet corrected with red pen by September 15th 

September 8
    -2 truths and a a lie

    -work on story (optional)
- Bring back all mandatory forms signed by Monday
This is where you will see any homework that may need to be completed any home.  The format is as follows:

    -what needs to be complete

Subject #2
    -what needs to be complete
 And so on....

French (09/06/17)
    -Finish getting your question (English/French)
    -Get your signatures

Thompson Time (09/06/17)
    -Bring back any necessary forms *SIGNED*
    -Bring Student Activity Fee ($15.00)